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Reality TV is taking over!

Posted by Jermaine Sain on December 5, 2011 at 8:45 PM

So….I’m sitting in bed one day just browsing through the television stations to find something to watch.  I click through the many channels only to say (…boring…..boring….don’t want to watch that….another reality show….too boring…boring another reality show…another reality show).  Needless to say, I spent more time flipping stations than I did actually watching TV, then I finally stopped flipping channels when I heard … "bad boys, what cha gonna do, what cha gonna do when they come for you”. Yes! It was the famous show Cops.  As I was watching the show, I started thinking, this is also a reality show! It’s amazing to see how many varieties of reality shows there are now!  It doesn’t matter what your interest, you can find a reality show!  Then, I started wondering…”what was the first reality show ever?”  So I started thinking....at fist I thought it would have been The Real World but then I said "no, it's definitely Cops".  

Since I wasn't sure I decided to "google it" and to my surprised, it was noted online as being the famous Candid Camera.....I'm not sure if that is correct but I think it's probably the oldest one I can think of....What about you? What so do you think started the Reality TV phenomenon?

I guess it really doesn't matter, all that matters that they're here and I guess they are here to stay........but is reality even reality anymore?..... I'm just saying!  Most of the time it seems that every reality show is scripted. I'm not saying all of them...just some of them.......  Ok that's all I had for today....I was just thinking about reality shows today.....

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