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It's All About #ATLMusic

Posted by Jermaine Sain on January 31, 2012 at 5:30 PM

On Wednesday, January 18, 2012, I went to another event on a week night. Working my 9-5 and going out during the week usually doesn’t work well! But because it was a Crissy Collins event, I attended. I think it goes without explaining that I enjoy watching Crissy perform. This is my third event that I’ve had the opportunity to hear her sing live but this time was a little different. This time she also had three other artists join her. It was called “It’s All About You”.


So what happened is….. She gave other artists an opportunity to perform along with her, to help them along their musical journey. I love that because I’m all about us (Entertainers) helping one another! I believe that when we plant a seed in someone’s life, that seed will grow and not only will they be able to eat of the fruit but you will also.

To my understanding she will periodically have shows with this similar format. I can’t really remember but I think she also said that she is going to be doing some things directed towards artist development. (DON’T QUOTE ME ON THAT BECAUSE I’M NOT SURE).


Like always, Crissy was great but we’ll get to that! The show took place at Kat’s Café in Atlanta. (I’m not sure if it will always be there but that’s where it was that night.) We arrived at Kat’s Café and was greeted at the door by Crissy’s mother and aunt. (I recognized Crissy’s mother because the choir I sing with sang at her mother’s anniversary celebration and I was familiar with who her aunt is because Crissy pointed her out at the last show). ANY HOW! After we were greeted at the door and had paid for entry, we were escorted to a table. I debated where I wanted to sit because I wanted to sit at a table that was unproblematic for me to get footage of the show. I didn’t want to sit somewhere that would block the view of others.

Finally, we decided on a place to sit. We sat down, conversed amongst ourselves, ordered drinks, and waited for the show to begin. Since there were only two of us at our table of four, a male and female were later placed at the table. This wasn’t a problem for us because I enjoy meeting new people and they seemed to be cool.. Besides, most of the night, my friend and I would be getting footage.

The announcer begins to thank everyone for coming and introduces the first artist by the name of Sasha. (I really wish I had spoken with her because I’m trying to find out who she is.) Sasha is handed the microphone. She looks very elegant and innocent. Since I wasn’t familiar with who she was, I watched her every move and listened to every note! (Not to judge her, but to give her my undivided attention. One thing I don’t like; people talking loudly at a performance and not paying attention to the performer. )

The music starts and Sasha begins to sing the lyrics to Loving You by Minnie Riperton. (Wow, she’s a brave soul!) Everyone remembers that Minnie sings a very high note during this song so I was wondering what Sasha would do. Would she sing the note as high as Minnie Riperton or would she do something creative when that part comes? Sasha is definitely in the soprano vocal range so it seems that she should be able to hit the note but I wasn’t sure……….Sure enough, she hit the note with ease! It appeared to be effortless and the crowd responded with a cheer and applause. She only sang one song but that one song was good enough. She gave us “just enough” to want to hear more. Great job Sasha.

Next, it was announced that Crissy would be coming out. (You know I have to save that part for last!)

Next up was Cleveland Jones. Like Sasha, I wasn’t familiar with him but prior to the show I listened to a couple of his songs online.



The day of the show, I wanted to be sure that it was ok for me to bring my camera so I had my friend contact the promoters, who contacted Crissy to make sure it was ok. Later my friend called me and confirmed that it was ok to record; however, I wasn’t sure if that was only pertaining to Crissy’s performance or everyone. While we were waiting for the show to start a guy walked through the crowd and passed out singles of Cleveland Jones. My friend stopped the guy and asked if it was ok to also record Cleveland. The guy cleared it and gave me his card……Later that night; I found out that he is the CEO of Vara Entertainment Group. (If you know me, then you know that I WILL be contacting him soon right?)


Cleveland Jones is handed the mic and his music begins to play. When I heard him online he seemed to sound like a soul singer with a gospel influence. (It’s not uncommon for singers to have this combination because most of us started singing in the church.) Cleveland sang an original song. I’m not sure of the title of the song. I’m guessing it’s probably entitled Don’t Leave Me or something to that affect, based off the chorus of the song.


After Cleveland, came a young man by the name of Devin. I also checked out Devin prior to the show. The song that he sang (I believe) was also an original piece. Devin brought a different vibe than the other two performers because he has more of an R&B/Pop flavor. I thought that the particular song was fitting for his vocals.

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All of the performers did a good job and I have no complaints:

When We Speak TV would like to encourage all three performers (Cleveland Jones, Sasha, and Devin) to continue to follow their passions and to keep giving it their best…..You never know who’s in the audience but most of all, you never know who will be inspired by your determination.


Now that I’ve written so much in this blog already, I don’t know what to tell you about Crissy’s performance….. You already know it was full of energy! Therefore, just check out the video below:

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Have a great day! See ya at the next event!

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