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Legend in the Making

Posted by Jermaine Sain on March 7, 2012 at 7:30 AM
One day I was looking on Youtube and I ran across a video of Ann Nesby and I really liked it so I “Thumbs Up” the video. Then, you know how if your Twitter and Youtube are connected, it will inform the person on Twitter? Well, it informed the person that posted it that I had liked the video. Since my Twitter and Youtube are also connected, the person sends me a message. Then we started talking about Ann Nesby and I was telling him how I admire Ann’s vocals….. To make a long story short, he tells me about a guy named Randevyn and says that I should check out some of his music. I always try to check out everyone that people tell me about, so I was eager to check out some of his music. He tells me to check out the Randevyn song Dear Farah. Once I checked it out I told him that I really liked it.
About a day or two later, I decided to see if I could find some more music from this Randevynguy. During my search on Youtube, I found a video by Randevyn called Life Support. I instantly fell in love with the song. I liked it so much that I decided to post Randevyn on the When We Speak TV Artist Spotlight on my website. Later, I found out that Randevyn was in the Atlanta area and I was like “you should try to reach him for an interview”. Well, to my surprise since we had tagged Randevyn in our tweets, he saw the messages and sent a thank you message to us. That was my perfect opportunity to ask him about an interview with me. Luckily he agreed!

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During my preparation for the interview I started checking out more of his music and I shared the song Life Support with a few of my friends. That night, on of my friends called me on the phone singing the words to the song! He told me he loves the song. I was so excited to tell him that I had actually scheduled an interview with the artist that sang the song. My friend was very excited for me and congratulated me on what I was doing and the progress I had made on When We Speak.
Once I got off the phone, I continued to surf the internet for more information about Randevyn. In the process I found out a lot of background information about his musical career, his family, and his musical inspirations but I also found something that I wasn’t expecting…. I found another song of his called Legend.

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When I heard this song, tears instantly came to my eyes. I know you may be wondering, “What was so special about this song?” Well, this particular song captured the very essence of who I am and what I want to be. It was like this guy had written my life story! (Now I began to get more excited about the interview.) I listen to lots of music on a daily basis, some I connect with, some I only like the beat, and some that's not my preferred style of music. However, this song was much more than that….it was as if this song was me! 
This song expressed my life desire… to be a legend. Before I came across the song Legend by Randevyn, I really thought about giving up on my vision. But when I heard the song, it gave me a second wind! I felt like I had found someone that really understood how I felt and understood how it feels to have a passion for something that is greater than money… a passion to have leave a mark on the world that could never be erased! Wow! I can’t even write anymore about it! After that all I can say is, enjoy the interview with Randevyn Pierre!

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I was so excited during the interview….(when I get excited I start talk moderately fast...At the beginning of the interview I’m talking moderately fast!)
Thanks Randevyn for taking the time to speak with me on When We Speak. Most of all, thanks for encouraging me to keep trying; despite my disappointments, rejections, or unfulfilled expectations. I wish you much success on your new album and pray that everything you touch prospers!

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