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Posted by Jermaine Sain on March 23, 2012 at 9:45 AM

There are so many talent entertainers out there. Unfortunately, many of them will never reach their full potential because they are waiting for a major deal or major contract. There’s nothing wrong with that, but what I’m learning is that sometimes you have to make these things happen for yourself. It is definitely a struggle but I believe that it can happen. Everyday since I interviewed Singer Randevyn I have been listening to his song “Legend” and it has really been encouraging my heart. What I’ve learned is that each day I have to surround myself with the things or the idea of having the things that I want….then I have to speak them by acknowledging God.

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We’ve all heard that if you “acknowledge him in all your ways and he will direct your path”. That’s exactly why I speak it. But that’s not why I’m writing this…..

About three or four years ago, my camera man for When We Speak TV bought tickets for a concert at the Underground District of Atlanta. (At that time he was not my camera man and When We Speak TV was merely an idea that I had placed into the graveyard that I stored my many other abandoned ideas).

Anyway, he told me that the concert was for this lady named Julie Dexter and asked me if I had heard of her. At that time, I was very new to Atlanta and had never heard of her. That night we got to the concert early and we were able to select our seats. We decided to go to the balcony. Although we were in the balcony, we had the perfect seat we were right at the edge of the balcony with a perfect view.

As I sat there and enjoyed the musical sounds of Julie Dexter I remember my friend asking me, “do you think you could do something like this? “ He’s always encouraged me in every idea that I come up with whether it’s writing, singing, modeling, or anything! I don’t really remember what I told him but I remember thinking to myself….”I would actually like to meet her”. Don’t ask me why I wanted to meet her so bad but I did. When the concert was over I kinda put away the thought of ever meeting her.

About a year later I decided to check out a performance of Leaf (Newman) Seeney at a park in Atlanta. Guess who was there! Yep it was Julie Dexter and she was standing right next to me. My fear stopped me from speaking to her but I stayed to also watch her performance. Then a couple months later I started thinking about the many ideas that I’ve abandoned….then my idea for a talk show came back to me and I remembered how God gave me the name for the show. So I decided to give it a shot, I reached out to Leaf and asked her if she would be willing to interview with me on camera. To my surprise, she accepted.


I met Leaf one day at Urban Grind Coffee Shop in Atlanta. At that time I didn’t know that she was on the BET Reality Show Welcome To Dreamland. Every first Saturday of the month she would hold an open mic at Urban Grind, showcasing various singers in Atlanta and she would also singing…..Later I found out that she was the winner of the show.


So Leaf accepted the interview and we scheduled a beautiful Atlanta day to hold the interview outside near Atlantic Station. The interview went very well . After the interview was over, she told me not to give up on what I was doing. It all sounded great but I didn’t know how to keep the momentum going. So I kinda gave up on the show idea for about a year……….


Since that interview with Leaf I’ve revisited the idea again and have been getting a good response from people. I’ve interviewed other artists like Quan Howell formally of the Sounds of Blackness, Gospel Singer Sonya McGuire, R&B Singer Winston Warrior, and Singer Randevyn…….and now I’ve finally got the opportunity to interview Julie Dexter .

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I said all that to say that sometimes you can’t wait for the major deals. Sometimes you have to just believe in what you are doing and believe in what you are capable of doing. Just as I spoke it that I wanted to interview Julie, I believe that there will be even more interviews to come. Although the show is only internet based I believe that the Lord will also continue to flourish my vision to one day become a television show. So please, please, PLEASE don’t give up on your vision and remember that “Death and LIFE is in the power of the tongue”…..

Please check out my interview with Julie Dexter, RATE, SHARE, and COMMENT on the video to help my vision become a greater reality and so that I can keep the interviews coming. BE BLESSED!

Jermaine Sain

When We Speak TV

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