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My Complaint with Parents

Posted by Jermaine Sain on September 22, 2011 at 11:35 AM

“Children are a blessing!” That’s what I often hear people say, and I’m sure that is true. However, I don’t plan or want to have any in the near future. Not because I don’t think I can handle it. I’m sure I can handle the responsibility but I want to be a better Father than mine was to me. I want to be able to give them things that I didn’t get…..and I’m not only talking financially…..I referring to love! If it’s a girl, I want her to be validated by me (a male) so that she isn’t out there looking for validation from some “no good” guy. I want her to have a standard has already been established strictly by the love she already received from her father. Therefore, she will expect him to exceed what her father can do for her! Some people may not believe it but I strongly believe that girls are also affected by the presence of male figure. If it’s a boy, I want to teach him that manhood has nothing to do with sexual preference; it’s a state of mind. I want him to know what it means to be a hard worker and a person that knows how to survive when life brings the obstacles. (Cause you know they’re gonna come!)

Back to what I really wanted to talk about! LOL

I really want to talk about how I can’t deal with grown children. I’m not referring to children that have now become grown….NO! I’m talking about those little children that want to do and say stuff that grown folks do and say. (That eats me up!) Some people think it’s cute. (Although some of it is quite funny, but they would never know that I thought so!) We’ve all seen them in action or heard someone talk about it. The little girl with her hand on her hip and rolling her eyes when she talks, and then she always got something to say, and trying to boss everybody! Or how about the little boy walking down the street with his pants hanging to the ground because he wants to be “cool” like his dad who don’t have a job and is living off of some girl that he don’t care about! Or the boy that is growing up with his mother and every time he does something, the mother says, “…he’s just being a boy!”

Excuse my French but “Fuck that!” They need somebody like me around, better yet, the parent that’s allowing it needs a whipping! I believe that a child needs to be a child! And some of the stuff we allow our kids to do is totally unacceptable. Whenever I said something crazy to my mama, I instantly knew that it was a possibility that I may have a problem sitting or eating the next day! (Either she was going to knock some teeth out my mouth or she was going tear me a new a—hole!)

(Sorry I’m gonna jump to another subject now!)

Do you want to know what my mama’s definition of being a man was? (Before I answer that, let me tell you a little bit about my mom. My mother was raised in the house with both her parents. I’m not sure if my grandmother worked but I know that my grandfather did a lot of work for people. When he wasn’t working, he was always fixing on something in the house, raising some chickens, or working in the garden. I can remember this because we lived with them up until I was about in the fourth grade. He would even take my mom to work with him sometimes!)

Ok….now back to my question….I think you already can tell that my mom believed that a man, had to work! And believe you me she definitely was determined that I was going to be like my grandfather! She would have me painting the house, hanging sheetrock, fixing plumbing, washing the car, cleaning the house, washing dishes, and everything else you can name! LOL

I guess in short (‘cause I’ve typed long enough). If your child is so determined to be grown! Treat them like they are, by making them get up and do something!

(Just a quick rant for today!)

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